mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Part I

Hey guys !!
Today 4 of my friends came to my house
Specially camille boyer who took allmost all those photos with her camera (you can see it on the next photo).
Those photos are the Part I, the Part II will come soon.
We went in city and yeahhhh it was the first day of sales !!
But i bought nothing I wait to go at Brest in Zara, Mango ....
And we went in a caffe when it was raining outside too have a drinke !

photos by me x.o.x.o

4 commentaires:

  1. Un petit tour des blogs pour te souhaiter une bonne et heureuse nouvelle année!
    BE HYPE (même en 2011!)

  2. wow girl, you´re so beautiful...i want to see more pics of you.... :)))

    Thanks for your lovely comment. i´m glad!

    have a great time